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How can I secure my sql database (2008) with a password like access?

asked 5/2/2014 2:39:27 AM
by Marwan A. Khalil
1 answers

how can i connect another sqlinstance using Tsql(SQLCMD utility)
hi all, i want to connect Sqlserver instance using tsql sqlcmd utilitty.i run this query: connect [TEST-DEPLOY\MSSQLSERVER][-U sa [-P Password-1234]].but its gives following error: Unclosed quotation mark after the character string '-U sa [-P Password-

asked 4/30/2014 5:28:12 AM
by Subhamay
4 answers

Help optimizing a MDX Query
I am quite new to MDX (who isn't) and I need someone to help me with this query.  > GENERATE( >  FILTER( >    [Dim Products].[Product].[Product].members * [Dim Date].Week.Week.members, [Measures].[Price] > ), > NONE

asked 4/30/2014 4:47:17 AM
by Mihai Hutanu
1 answers

Can not attach database (Error:database was being restored)
Hi All, i want to attach database which have one .mdf file & two .ndf files,one .ldf files in different drives. when i wnat to attach database errors shows database was being restored.I donot want to apply create a new database with same name this me

asked 4/29/2014 8:05:17 AM
by Subhamay
0 answers

SQL Cluster install
When installing SQL Cluster, do you or should you run the install using your own login or the cluster admin login?

asked 4/28/2014 1:54:42 PM
by Glenn
0 answers

How i make ERD Diagram for payroll salary for employees
Hi guys i want to make database for payroll only but i dont know how to make structure for thissuppose i want to calculate payroll every month for employees as followingbasic salarybonus overtimeabsencedeductionmeaning salary = basic salary +bonus+ov

asked 4/28/2014 11:05:23 AM
by ahmedsa
1 answers

Show image in report bilder
How can i display each student images .the images are stored in folder.

asked 4/28/2014 8:03:14 AM
by Deepthy
0 answers

TSQL - Crosstab Without Pivot
I have a table with 3 columns, staffId, slotNo & apptSeq. CREATE TABLE [dbo].[appts]( [staffId] [varchar](15) NOT NULL, [slotNo] [int] NOT NULL, [apptSeq] [int] NULL) ON [PRIMARY] There are 4,698 rows, one row for each of 87 staffIds

asked 4/27/2014 9:29:31 AM
by scptect
1 answers

HI Failover clustreing
Hi How failover clustering done plz explain step by step

asked 4/25/2014 7:05:37 AM
by lakshmisrinivas manchi
1 answers

SQL Server 2008 R2
Dear All,We need some clarification in Logshipping & Hardware Configuration. Could you please help me in this regard.We are using SQL Server 2008 R2 Standard edition installed on 32-bit Windows server 2008 Enterprise edition.The Size of RAM is 16 GB a

asked 4/25/2014 2:32:32 AM
by Senthil Kumar
0 answers

I need to create  DATEDIFF syntax in SQL Server Management Studio to show the orders that did not go out within two days.  More specifically, I need to create a statement that  shows the difference between ORDER DATE and SHIP DATE, if SHIP

asked 4/24/2014 6:26:36 PM
by KeriAnn
1 answers

How to diagnose network and io bottle necks when extracting data from a remote sql server and is there any way to to know the raid configuration on an internal server or a remote server

asked 4/23/2014 10:23:01 AM
by praveen
0 answers

Data transfer from Production SQLSERVER database to thrid server when logshipping is running
Hi All, I m new in SQLSERVER. Our production server database  is configured with LogShipping which running successfully(Standby Mode). Now the scenario is that i have to configure logshipping again with production DB (Same Databse) with thrid server

asked 4/22/2014 8:06:09 AM
by Subhamay
3 answers

Missing index evaluation
I am working on analysing missing index suggestions provided by the sql server DMVs. As we know we cannot blindly add the indices provided by the sql server DMV. As a first step to evaluate the missing indices, I have created statistics with the same col

asked 4/21/2014 7:49:59 AM
by rudra
1 answers

Why there is need to execute a variable using "EXEC @var"

asked 4/19/2014 11:40:03 AM
by Amitesh
2 answers

Convert FLOAT to VARCHAR problem
When i converting FLOAT value to VARCHAR then some scale values truncated. and i can't fix  the scale length. DECLARE @Float FLOAT = 237.45785689675 DECLARE @Str VARCHAR(50) SET @Str = CONVERT(VARCHAR(50),@Float,129) SELECT @Str &n

asked 4/18/2014 7:40:41 AM
2 answers

failed with the following error: Extent (7:1145864) in database ID 5 is marked allocated in the GAM, but no SGAM or IAM has allocated it.
How to resolve the below issue? I have done RebuildIndex but the problem not solved.I think page restore will resolve the below issue but,I could not suppose to do.Can You tell me the steps to resolve the below Issue? Problem: Executing the query "DBCC

asked 4/17/2014 2:11:38 AM
by Rajasekhar Reddy
1 answers

Create Dynamics View
I have view somthing like Create view All_employee AS      SELECT Emp_Name, Emp_code FROM dbo.Employee      UNION ALL      SELECT Emp_Name, Emp_code FROM Emp_201402.Employee But we have a different "Schem

asked 4/16/2014 6:03:04 AM
by Hitesh Sharma
1 answers

Restoring database using powershell
Hello I have gotten part of this powershell script from the web, and first part configured by me. #Define Variables and configure variables#----------------------------------------#First Set the target database on server1$targetdb ="DevTest2010_Content8

asked 4/15/2014 10:15:52 AM
by Paresh Motiwala
0 answers

Insert from one database to other database
          Create PROCEDURE [dbo].[AccountInvoice1]        @fnModule varchar(100) output  Dear Team   I am facing problem to call from one database to other, we have two different database, fr

asked 4/15/2014 3:47:01 AM
by Sheethal Kumar
2 answers

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