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SQL server - insert/select slow after TRUNCATE TABLE has 6 over millions of rows
Seeing slowness in insert/select after truncating a table that has over 6 million rows. I daily insert 5 to 6 millions records into a table and I was able to insert/select data without any issue for some 7 or 8 days but when the table size went above 1

asked 7/26/2014 4:03:06 PM
by chill_Beer
0 answers

ssis package creation for pivoting column values in two rows
Input File looks like below..Starts at row7 Columns are fixed. Rows are not fixed For every quarter months, we have both Avg and Period values and for non-quarter months, we have value only for Avg     Avg Avg Avg

asked 7/26/2014 1:37:35 AM
by diiva
0 answers

How to store parsed data into my database/mysql
I have a form at http://www.sledor.talk4fun.net/results/results.html which shows results if a proper roll number is entered... the results are fetched from http://results.vtu.ac.in site and only the table is shown... now i want to add the data of the tabl

asked 7/25/2014 2:03:55 PM
by punith
0 answers

Create Folders Dynamically by looping in a database table and move the files in the folder
UsersNumber                         VersionData 481802                   &

asked 7/25/2014 12:54:43 PM
by heren
0 answers

Duplicate Primary Key Values in a Result Set
My Problem Cannot happen... but it does. A simple Select * from Table A into a Temp Table, either created beforehand or by using the INTO clause, results in Duplicate Primary Key Values in the result set. A count in the result set confirms duplicate pri

asked 7/25/2014 10:21:23 AM
by David Budreck
4 answers

TempDb takes lot of space
Hi all, My production server tempdb takes lot of space .but when i run a scripts to see how much space is actually used then i found there are only 20 MB space used by .mdf file and rest 20Gb is unused space.while my tempdb set autogrowth facility witho

asked 7/25/2014 1:47:05 AM
by Subhamay Chatterjee
1 answers

Installing on windows server 2008 with domain control
Dear sir, I wiant to install SQL SERVER 2012 on Windows SERVER 2008 R2 or Windows 2012 with domain control I always get a warning say that is not recomended So What I can do to install 

asked 7/24/2014 5:41:17 AM
by Joseph Beshay
2 answers

automate script for coping backup files from one server(Production) to other(PPE) and restore
Hi,   I need automate script for coping backup files from one server(Production) to other(PPE) and restore.   regards, Hari

asked 7/23/2014 8:22:47 AM
by Hari Prasad
1 answers

Call DTS from Java
Please help us whether we can call DTS directly from Java. Solution which we got as below:- Create dts Create job in which we have to call dts Call job from stored procedure It pretty lengthy process and we are not sure how error hand

asked 7/22/2014 3:11:29 AM
by Yogesh
1 answers

I have a table as per below and what I need to know before I go insane is the best way to select the only the products, locations that have products in more than 1 location. When I use a query to select this it also selects PROD1 which I don't want to sel

asked 7/22/2014 1:11:21 AM
by Wayne
6 answers

Centroid of 3 circles
Hi all, I have three latitude,longitude points and the distances to a point(randomly selected one say A ).The aim is to draw the circles using the latitude and longitude as centre with given three distances as radius.Finally have to find the centroid of

asked 7/21/2014 3:53:27 AM
by Mounika
0 answers

Split polyline feature in sql server 2012
Please find the below attached image. I have one point(in blue color) and polyline(in black color). Using the below sql server 2012 comment i got the nearest path(in red color) between polyline(black) and the point(blue). DECLARE@pnt geometry,@line geo

asked 7/21/2014 1:42:10 AM
by RamRamesh
0 answers

SQl server r2 installation problem
  Hi, I got error while install  sql server 2008r2 in win7,   Error: wmi service faild, i restrat wmi in  service its working  but sql server is not going to insatll,   Please give me suggition  

asked 7/19/2014 3:43:14 AM
by laxmna
1 answers

The 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' provider is not registered on the local machine.
hi The 'Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0' provider is not registered on the local machine. I encounter the above error message while executing import excel data into sql data table It worked fine in Mssql 2005 x86 and MS Office 2007 x86. But currently we upgr

asked 7/18/2014 9:50:55 PM
by maideen
1 answers

Automated refresh tool for SQL Server
We have a huge portfolio of databases and multiple environments. We often get application requests for refreshing a table/schema/database from production instance to development/staging instance. Is there any automation or tool available in the market

asked 7/18/2014 9:31:42 AM
by Sudarsana
1 answers

What is the background process of Transaction Log files,
Why transaction log is needed to Database? When the data is going to store(at what time) into .mdf file from .ldf file, the internal architecture?  

asked 7/18/2014 6:16:22 AM
by Niranjan
2 answers

How to identify a rebuild index job running
How to identify a rebuild index job running with status

asked 7/17/2014 6:01:42 AM
by Boopathy
2 answers

SSRS: Need to find the total of specific type of data to another field
I have to create a SSRS report like below:

asked 7/17/2014 1:24:35 AM
by Julie
0 answers

where to start from
I want to know and start working on following concepts of SQL like data mart, data warehouse, ssis, ssas and ssrs. I would like to know is there any linking between these concepts. I ever I need to start from which topic I should start first. are the

asked 7/16/2014 7:36:14 AM
by sagar
0 answers

Automated Script for LogShipping swichOver/Drill
Hi, I need automated scripts for Logshipping drill/swich over to DR from DC after checking Sync bewteen Two Database in DC & DR. Its very Urgent requirement. Please Help.   Regards, Subhamay Chatterjee Kolkata,india

asked 7/16/2014 3:01:29 AM
by Subhamay Chatterjee
0 answers

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