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Windows Orphan Login
Hi   I created a login at Active Directory WindowsServer Login I registered that login in sql server Later i dropped the login from windows server then in sql server i executed sp_validatelogins, it shows the login at sql server as orphan window

asked 11/24/2014 9:22:45 AM
by ahm
0 answers

VLF rows
Hi, How many VLF rows is acceptable in a trn-file? I have up to 4000 vlf's in one transaction log file. Hope for a clue how to handle this. Ankie

asked 11/24/2014 3:44:46 AM
by ankie
1 answers

Convert to Row
  Dear,I have a task to transfer SP script to dynamic store procedure in SQL Server.The existing SP script is like below :BEGIN    IF @status=1        BEGIN         &n

asked 11/24/2014 2:18:15 AM
by Chairul
0 answers

national security number
hello. i have to hold national security number in  my table. if i get the data type of it longint is better or i get the varchar(10) is bette? what of them has hi performance for compresion ond other task as select. regard

asked 11/24/2014 1:54:49 AM
by hamid
0 answers

how to interpret results of set statistics time on in a multi core CPU enviorment
I am novice at query performance optimization. As Io and time statistics quantify query performance I usually check time taken by query through "set statistics time on" after cleaning buffers and dropping proc cache. In one of my quires CPU time is consis

asked 11/23/2014 2:38:08 PM
by Tanmay Jambavlikar
0 answers

  I have two windows 7 os. machine. One make server and another is client machine . peer to peer connection between server and client. i used to SQL Server 2008 express.  In server machine all software is easly run. but in client machine when

asked 11/23/2014 11:55:36 AM
0 answers

Import excel with approx 15000 rows daily into sql server
I have a requirement to daily import 8 to 10 excel files, each containing around 15000 rows of data in multiple sheets. Application is using Microsoft .net 4.0, SQL server 2008R2. Application then daily generates reports based on this data imported into S

asked 11/23/2014 8:21:03 AM
by Tricandure
0 answers

Building a link from SQL Server 2008 to Access

asked 11/20/2014 5:56:56 PM
by Donald
0 answers

SQL Query to calculate OnPeak & Off Peak total for a month and find the highest max onPeak & Off Peak hourly value for that month
Could someone help me with a SQL query to calculate the total on-peak and off-values for a month as well as the Max/highest on-peak/offPeak hourly value for that month.   On a daily basis i store the hourly values of the meter in a SQL table. &nbs

asked 11/20/2014 8:45:07 AM
by Shiva
0 answers

how to convert 3 column table into 2 column table
I have a TableA with 3 columns, Column1, column2, column3; and I want to convert it into 2-column TableB. If Column2 & Column3 in Row N of Table A is not Null, I want TableB like this: Row N,       Column1, Column2 ;

asked 11/19/2014 9:24:47 PM
by vivian
0 answers

SQL 2012/2014 time zone query
Hello,   Wee have an application that uses an time zone table that hold different part of the world info: Time_id TimeZoneName--(GMT) Casablanca, Monrovia gmt_offset--60 daylightSaving_offset--60 TimeZone_code---W. Europe Standard Time I need

asked 11/19/2014 7:36:48 PM
by Rick
0 answers

regarding delete
hi , can you suggest a query to view only the deleted row or column from the table.  

asked 11/19/2014 2:50:30 AM
by sarath
0 answers

Database Security
    In sql server 2005 database i have stored proc which creates a table, create a view for that table and grant select on the view created to a role.   Can someone please explain what privilege should the us

asked 11/18/2014 8:44:14 PM
by CreditingAtom
0 answers

t-sql 2012
  im a begginer in t-sql.. so please let me know indetail about reporting services and how to transfer the database from one location to another locatio by using datafiles

asked 11/18/2014 11:08:49 AM
by lakshmi
1 answers

How Do I Alpha-Numerically Sort Solution Items in the Solution Explorer
I've been able to find various workarounds but I'd like to know if there's anything more current than setting the sort value to false. Failing that, is there a way to achieve my goal through T-SQL?

asked 11/12/2014 12:04:32 PM
by Jason
0 answers

Application pointing to Mirrored Database Automatically.
Hi all,We just upgraded our client with .net 4.5 I believe or .4.0 and the main database it makes a call is part of mirroring and for some reason the application is freezing up or timing out and when I requested App developers to provide me with the app l

asked 11/11/2014 11:33:39 AM
by Khaja
0 answers

SQL 2005 installation on Windows 7 64bit
I am in process of installing SQL Server on Windows 2007 64 bit, But not able to do that, Request your assistance step by step will be highly appreciated Thank you

asked 11/11/2014 8:02:26 AM
by Ali
0 answers

oracle to sql server 2008 migration
insert into tbl select        Id, Level from   viw where  Active = 'Y' connect by prior viw.Id = viw.sId start with viw.sId = @p_Id

asked 11/11/2014 7:09:13 AM
by taj
0 answers

Equivalent to Compiler Options in T-SQL
I have a database running for some customers under SQL 2012 and for other under SQL 2014 for 2014 I wan't to use in memory tables and - where possible - native compiled procedures to access them is there a way to write the CREATE / ALTER Procedure fun

asked 11/11/2014 4:15:02 AM
by Thomas Franz
1 answers

Want to create a trigger to insert numeber by incrementing by one
  HI,    I want to create a trigger which will create my number by if it finds the duplicate number. In my system I am inserting data through multiple user .when 2 or more user tries to save at the same time then the number felid gets

asked 11/11/2014 1:42:22 AM
2 answers

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