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How to backup from non-domain server on a domain joined backup device?
i have a sql server instance installed on a server that not joined to my domain and i have no permission to join this. so i want to create a back up set that get full backup from this server to a shared folder on one of the domain joined client. i use thi

asked 8/31/2014 12:44:04 AM
by Mohsen
0 answers

Creating AlwaysOn Availability Group SQL Server 2014
when i am trying to configure an AG the following error show :->http://cdn.imghack.se/images/e1111ce11e21144ac7c99baf05fe6429.jpg

asked 8/27/2014 5:31:05 AM
by Helmy
5 answers

I am able to take full backup through this query but unable to take differential and transactionl back please help me out   USE lcmc DECLARE @MyFileName varchar(200) SELECT @MyFileName='d:\1-backup'  + REPLACE(convert(nvarchar(20),GetDate(),

asked 8/27/2014 2:44:58 AM
by usman
0 answers

Backup Database error
Hi Guys, I am recieving an error related to Backup database frequently. Below is the error :   8/26/2014 11:30:50 AM Alert description: BackupDiskFile::CreateMedia: Backup device 'L:\PSC01\BACKUP\recorder.bak' failed to create. Operating system e

asked 8/26/2014 9:21:53 AM
by Rappy
0 answers

My transaction log backup is replace with newer one ? I configure to take back backup after every 30 min That replace older one how to avoid that situation

asked 8/26/2014 8:56:48 AM
by usman
2 answers

Can we get logs after restarting the sql server instance
Hi, I restarted the sql server instance because, the web application which we have created was running slow and it was not giving me any logs. (I was not getting anything why it was running slow). But the problem is that the application is running ok tem

asked 8/25/2014 1:52:26 AM
by Rohit Shinde
1 answers

Hi all,  querry is build by  "with" function, individually its working fine. But i need to add this  with the another qurry. please any one help me on this.  thanks in advance  

asked 8/23/2014 6:52:22 AM
by sreekanth
1 answers

Attempting to Truncate a Table with multiple dependencies (shrink script in test environment)
I am working in a disposable development environment to update a "shrink" script. The script is used to purge "bloat" from the big tables in the Production backup copies we use to refresh instances in our Test environment. The script process involves: Fo

asked 8/22/2014 12:35:29 PM
by Tom Carnahan
1 answers

Remove unwanted fileds and their data
From following sample data, I am trying to select fields that yearmonth [201401] thru [201406] =1 and remove the rest of the records. Desired outcome is below the codes   Current Data: --===== If the test table already exists, drop it  &

asked 8/22/2014 11:45:19 AM
by Helal Mobasher
0 answers

Latch time -out error for tempdb id-2
Hello sir, please provide me the necessary steps for the above query.   i am also providing the logs for the same   2014-08-11 10:42:37.62 Server      Microsoft SQL Server 2005 - 9.00.3042.00 (Intel X86)  Feb  9 200

asked 8/22/2014 12:21:50 AM
by tapan kumar das
0 answers

A time-out occurred while waiting for buffer latch -- type 4, bp 031A8820, page 1:17709, stat 0xc0000b, database id: 2, allocation unit Id: 169186346532864/450661323243520, task 0x0092FB58 : 0, waittime 300, flags 0x40039, owning task 0x0089A3E8. Not continuing to wait
2014-08-17 04:25:08.80 spid70      A time-out occurred while waiting for buffer latch -- type 4, bp 031A8820, page 1:17709, stat 0xc0000b, database id: 2, allocation unit Id: 169186346532864/450661323243520, task 0x0092FB58 : 0, waittime 30

asked 8/21/2014 11:30:34 AM
by tapan kumar das
0 answers

show report header above the report parameters in report view using SSRS?
show report header above the report parameters in report view using SSRS? Is It possible ? Please suggest.

asked 8/19/2014 4:08:52 PM
by Mukesh bhagat
0 answers

Mirror Tow Connected Database
Hi, Thanks a lot to this site and Authors of this site. This site solve my problem 99%. Now i am running with some confusion please help me. I have Tow Database Db1 and Db2 on a machine i want to mirror these database but both database are interconnecte

asked 8/15/2014 2:10:26 PM
by Ashok Kumar
0 answers

Difference between index REBUILD Partition = ALL and Index REBUILD
Hi,I have below partitioned index on order table with below detailsIndex ID Partition Number Table Name Index Name             Index Type             Fragmentation7         &n

asked 8/15/2014 9:54:24 AM
by Nikhil P Desai
0 answers

SQL Distribution clean up: distribution Blocking
Hi all , Distribution cleaning job is creating blocking from Monday to Friday only in evening it starts at 7:30 pm at stays there until I stop the job. This doesn't occurs on Saturday or Sunday. Yesterday job was running for 41 min and I had to

asked 8/14/2014 7:07:41 PM
by dba.sql
0 answers

SSIS Package erroe
I have one ssis package that contains 10 dataflow task when i run package, whole package takes 2 hours. if there is error come in 5th dataflow task then packge run again, is it possible next time i run package from 5th package, is posible yhen how we do,

asked 8/13/2014 2:12:53 AM
by Abhi
2 answers

SQL Scenario
need to Solve the following scenario.               SOURCE:   ID NAME 101 ABC 102 DEF 101 AMERICA 103 AFRICA

asked 8/12/2014 5:00:25 AM
by Vipin jha
2 answers

Log in Time half hourly interval wise

asked 8/12/2014 12:46:16 AM
by Pankaj
1 answers

is it possible to take automatic/scheduled backup of my server on about any other server.

asked 8/8/2014 9:20:59 AM
by serkaddis
1 answers

Transaction Log usage Information
When we execute DBCC SQLPERF(logspace) to see the transaction log usage. In output there is a column as "Status". What is this Status all about??? What is the use of it?

asked 8/8/2014 5:32:49 AM
by Vimal Kumar Prajapati
4 answers

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