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SSRS Windows File share subscription error
Hi,   I am trying to post a file from Server A running Report server services to Server B (File share server) using an account (Say Account1). This account is part of administrators group in both Server A and Server B and has access to shared path.

asked 11/26/2015 12:45:03 AM
by Gopi
0 answers

Easiest way to test for existance before dropping an object
I'm pretty new to SQL. On the internet I see lots of different ways to check for an object's existance before dropping it in a t-sql script. My servers are running MS SQL 2012. I'm currently using this: IF EXISTS (SELECT TABLE_NAME FROM INFORMATION_SC

asked 11/24/2015 3:28:22 PM
by Texaganian
0 answers

MS Access database recovery
I have the MS Access 2003 database file corrupted. When I'm trying to recover it using "Compact and Repair" utility, it crashes causing Event ID 26 (Memory couldn't be read). Any suggestions? Is there anything else besides the "try and buy" non-Microsoft

asked 11/24/2015 9:47:07 AM
by domingo
0 answers

MAXDOP set too low or too high for workload, causing application timeouts.
I had a question relative to the Max Degree of Parallelism setting (MAXDOP). Is it possible to have this setting set too high or too low, causing a calling application to timeout (timeout programmed for 1200 seconds, or 20 minutes), and if so, what metr

asked 11/18/2015 2:47:42 PM
by kpham
0 answers

DateADD in T-SQL and SSRS Expressions why is it differs?
User wants to go back 6 months from current month and go forward 6 months.   T-SQL select CAST(DATEADD(MONTH, -6, GETDATE()) AS DATE);   -- Result 2015-05-13   select CAST(DATEADD(MONTH, 6, GETDATE()) AS DATE);    --

asked 11/13/2015 9:37:13 AM
by Kris Maly
2 answers

Update Statistics performance question
I have a table with 394589231 rows and 24 indices.  The latest version of our nightly update statistics (necessary because of the ascending key problem) uses the with 3000000 rows option to avoid the possible full scan that may be forced when us

asked 11/11/2015 11:47:04 AM
by Bill Bergen
1 answers

Possible memory leak issue with SQL CLR
Good day, everyone, I've started a new job where SQL CLR is being used heavily, and here is the issue that I'm seeing on two different instances: Instance 1:  SQL Server 2014, Standard Edition, 64-bit, 12.0.2000.8 In PerfMon, under .NET CLR load

asked 11/9/2015 11:15:15 AM
by Neal Graves
0 answers

SSIS 2012 sha2_512 to uniqueidentifier column
I am generating a hash for each row with sha2_512 via SSIS Script Transformation Component and trying to insert into column with data type uniqueidentifier with no success.

asked 11/4/2015 1:25:51 PM
by Ken
0 answers

SQL and Excel database in Visual Studio
Dear all Respect, First of all, thanks for the detailed explanation of what I saw on your site. I have a program: www.autoselekt.info/AS that I want to work through SQL and use my data from the Excel table. In particular working in VS 2015 and I would lik

asked 11/3/2015 9:43:32 AM
by Peka
0 answers

Parameters having 'Allow multiple values' with Y and N values not producing correct result in table
I have a problem in getting the Table result. This is what I tried - I created two Parameters with allow multiple values with Y and N in it. I created "Available Values" and added Y = 1 and N = 0. My main query reads as follows: Only the CASE statement

asked 11/2/2015 11:06:53 AM
by NewbSSRS
0 answers

Best Solution for Reporting DB on secondary server
I have a prod server running SQL 2012 Standard which host our DB which is about 50 GB . We have enabled logshipping on a secondary sever which is in anothe region . Now we need to implement reporting solution for which we need to have another copy of DB .

asked 10/29/2015 5:35:37 AM
by Rohan
1 answers

OLE DB provider "SQLNCLI11" for linked server " " returned message "Client unable to establish connection due to prelogin failure"
I unable to setup a linked server on sql server 2012. The destination server is on sql server 7.0. I can able to setup the same linked server on sql 2005 sp4 and sql 2008 r2 but unable to setup on 2012. I am getting the below error message.  

asked 10/28/2015 1:00:11 PM
by Iqbal Butt
0 answers

How to assign SSRS Report Parameters with the 'Comparison' Operators?
I need help in creating a second parameter and third parameter drop down with 'Comparison' Operators to it. Here is what I have created till now. 1) The Data Source is an SQL file. 2) I have selected "Use a dataset embedded in my report" and placed a

asked 10/28/2015 11:48:33 AM
by NewbSSRS
0 answers

how to backup to a file on remote system(UNC) name using database maintenance wizard

asked 10/28/2015 2:36:10 AM
by faho
1 answers

Hi, I have set-up a SQL replication for my Production databases found on SQL 2008 R2 to a DR server with SQL 2012 SP1, using a intermediate Distribution server (SQL 2012 SP1). All is working fine, except that when maintenance plan runs in the night a Ro

asked 10/26/2015 7:16:03 AM
by Bryan
0 answers

Aggregating Data with MAX & GROUP BY in VIEWS
Hi EveryBody Our Application generates a statement calling a view in a SQL-Server DB.This statement selects DISTINCT Data-fields from the view passing a restricted subset of IDs. Background:-----------I am using SQL-Server 2008 R2 running on Windows Ser

asked 10/23/2015 7:54:29 AM
by Alberto
0 answers

How to set page break based on the result values of our tablix in ssrs
I have three tablix in designer window.My first tablix always gives some data.So i have applied page brreak at the end of that tablix one . I need below mentioned requirement. 1. If all three tablix contains data then need page break between every tabli

asked 10/19/2015 10:57:04 PM
by ARout
0 answers

Dynamic SQL and sp_executesql
I am using the following code within an SP which seemed to work ( with thanks to previous help from Scott). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- declare @paramdef as nvarchar(MAX

asked 10/19/2015 8:48:54 AM
by David Scott
0 answers

Dynamic SQL and sp_executesql
This is part of an SP I am trying to create, where I pass a Username, and a databasename into the SP for a User just created in tblUSERS. There is an identity column in the tableand I need to get this ID to apply further updates for the new user.I have ex

asked 10/16/2015 4:57:50 AM
by David Scott
3 answers

sql server database performance tunning
Hi.. i am developing database for voice telecom company and there are approx 200 tables. so please give tips for performance tunning step which are follow to this database for fast fetch and insertion.  

asked 10/16/2015 3:23:06 AM
by Mumtaz
0 answers

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